Pest Control Products

Hayleys Pest Management Division can offer you a wide range of pest control options; chemical or non-chemical solutions that cater to each pest problem. With many years of experience, we are able to identify and make appropriate recommendations on pest control options based on integrated pest management principles. We are also able to offer our customers with tested solutions that are economical and less hazardous to humans, animals and the environment.

We provide relief from ants, roaches, lady bugs, millipedes, mites, roly-polies, spiders, beetles, meal moths, fleas, flies, gnats, silverfish, to mention a few. Essentially, if the insect is a problem inside the house, we can eliminate the pest. LV P C is not certified to deal with outdoor pests, such as squirrels or skunks, which are considered a part of wildlife. We are not certified in this area and not allowed to deal with other situations outside the house such as stray cats & dogs.